Overgrown “Substrata” Gaming Mat


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The Overgrown “Substrata” tabletop gaming mat provides the premium gaming surface for your “MOD-Block” terrain!

Pairs excellently with our “Overgrown” MOD-Block terrain, or other wargaming terrain with desert ascetic. Scaled for optimal usage at 28mm, but also suitable for a wide range of wargame scales.

Made in the United States on our in-house printer and precision trimmed by hand. Constructed out of premium 2.5mm neoprene with polyester cloth covering and printed with outdoor quality UV cured inks.

Neoprene offers optimal “lay flat” and non-slip qualities ensuring a quality playspace compared to less expensive vinyl gaming mats. Additionally, the added padding quiets dice noise and reduce damage to dropped models. The polyester cloth allows for smooth movement of miniatures across the surface while giving a non-glare appearance.

Available in both 4’x4′ and 4’x6′ variants.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 4 x 4 in

4'x4', 4'x6'


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