Frequently Asked Questions

What is the terrain made out of?

Hexagon Mill’s MOD-Block prepainted terrain set is made from durable 1/8″ MDF printed with UV cured inks. These inks imbed themselves into the wood fiber creating a scratch resistant coating that only mars when the MDF is itself scarred.

Our MDF is even sustainably sourced!

How long to orders take to ship?

Every set of Hexagon Mill terrain is made to order, and it takes a while for us to complete each set! Depending on demand, expect a 3-8 day period on our end to get things ready to go! International orders take a few more days to complete as we package them extra securely to prevent damage.

How much space does a full table set take up when broken down.

A full table of terrain’s buildings can be packaged into a 12″x12″x3″ space. The accessories can be tossed in with only a few more inches of clearance. Can easily be stored in a carry on bag for travel, or a simple box for transport between game space.

The buildings can also be stacked together instead of full disassembly, and will stack into a 12″x12″x24″ space! This makes it ideal for game stores who need terrain that’s fast to set up, without taking up shelf space.