Ariadian Commercial Conflict Lend-Lease Program

Help the USARF Logistics Division in Supplying Our Boys with the Defenses They Need.

“The great task of this day, the deep duty that rests upon each and every one of us is to move products from the assembly lines of our factories to the battle lines of democracy—Now!”

Bolster our Defenses on the New Route 66.

Wispers amung the intelegence community have become shouts, as it becomes clear the Commercial Conflicts are far from over. A breach of the O-12’s Exclusion Zone along the valuable route is iminent, and we must be ready.

Outposts Built

Outposts Needed

The Rumble on Route 66

The Rumble on Route 66 is the largest Infinity tournament in the world, outpacing even the Interplanetary in terms of players. With great tournaments come great responsiblity though. Bringing together enough terrain to support such an effort is a big undertaking, and Joe and Dan need your help!

The Battle Begins March 16th








Hexagon Mill's Lend-Lease Terrain Program

How it Works

  • Purchase full table of pre-painted MOD-Block terrain at “Lend-Lease” discount
  • The terrain is delivered to the tournament venue
  • Terrain is set up and used for the duration of the event
  • At the conclusion of the RoR66 the terrain is yours to keep