MOD-Block Prepainted Miniature Gaming Terrain


The MOD-Block series is fully optimized for unparalleled modularity allowing you to stack, and slot to build a custom experience every time you play.


MOD-Block terrain is the ultimate in portable terrain. Spawned from the necessity of traveling wargamers, the MOD block breaks down into space saving components. For example, a full 4’x4′ “Infinity” density table breaks down to fit in a 12″x12″x3″ box.


The MOD-Block series will all be made out of 1/8th inch (3.175mm) MDF, not cardboard or PVC. This offers it the ruggedness to be a game stores everyday terrain without a sweat.


The crux of Hexagon Mill is our next generation in house manufacturing techniques that allow us to create high resolution pre-painted buildings.

The Next Generation of Wargaming Terrain

Hexagon Mill’s MOD-Block terrain series combines unparalleled features together to create a one of a kind terrain experience. Made from scratch in Denver, Colorado; each set is precision cut with our laser system and then “painted” via a unique UV printing technique. The textures are directly embedded into the 1/8″ MDF providing a highly durable, yet highly detailed surface. Available in six different paint schemes, there’s one to match your game and ascetic.